Tips cooking (1) : lemons, fruits, onion & garlic

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  1. If you do not want to waste a whole lemon to use a few drops, you have to introduce a fine needle at one end and squeeze the necessary drops through the hole, so you can use the lemon several times more.

  2. To get all the juice that can be obtained from lemons, make it roll with your hand with force on a hard surface for about a minute or put it in the microwave for 10 or 15 seconds.


  1. After cutting some fruits (such as apple and pear) they begin to darken, to avoid it, after peeling them place them in cold water with the juice of a lemon for at least 20 minutes and that's all, they will retain their natural color and the time to make a fruit salad will look much better.

  2. If you buy fruit that has not yet matured, do not put the refrigerator in, the cold will prevent them from ripening properly, it is better to leave them at room temperature.

  3. A simple trick can make your fruits and vegetables stand much more in the refrigerator. Simply put a sheet of kitchen paper in the bottom of the container. This will absorb the excess water that accelerates its aging.


  1. Avoid crying when you chop onions. You just have to put it a couple of minutes in the freezer.


  1. Do not suffer when peeling the garlic, a very simple trick to remove the skin is to introduce them 15 seconds in the microwave and as if by magic the skin will fall immediately.

 Our desire is that you can achieve fun and simplicity, when you cook.

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