Tips cooking (2) : salads, vegetables & soup

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  1. When preparing a salad avoid using metal containers, especially when mixing, it is preferable to use crystal, glass or porcelain, since the metal causes vegetables or legumes to oxidize more quickly.


  1. So that the vegetables retain their color when cooked, just add a little lemon juice to the pot or pan. It is a particularly effective technique when cooking reddish-colored vegetables (such as red cabbage or beet) and white ones (such as turnip or cauliflower), since the acidity of the lemon helps to preserve the flavonoids, compounds that besides Being responsible for the pigmentation of vegetables are very healthy. The technique does not work with green vegetables, whose color is the responsibility of chlorophyll, because they blacken in contact with lemon.


  1. If the soup is too salty, you can throw a cut of peeled potato into 4 pieces; It acts like a sponge and will absorb salt. Do not try to eat the potato because I am hard and very salty. You can also try pouring a little more water and a pinch of brown sugar.

Our desire is that you can achieve fun and simplicity, when you cook.

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