Tips cooking (3) : omelettes, bread, rice & ice cube

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  1. So that the famous omeletts or French omelettes remain spongy and delicious, add milk and a little water to the eggs before beating them, with this they managed to improve the flavor and make them spongy.


  1. To return to the bread of salt the freshness they have when they are newly purchased, a tip that does not fail is to wrap them in a damp towel and put it a few seconds in the oven at a low temperature, when you take them out you will notice that they seem freshly bought.


  1. If the rice burns, insert a piece of bread in the middle. Cover the pot for five minutes and the bread will absorb the burnt taste. The same is done when the rice is salty

Ice Cube

  1.  If you want to make ice cubes faster, instead of using cold water, do it with hot water

Our desire is that you can achieve fun and simplicity, when you cook.

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