2Pcs Air Lock Bubble Grommet Exhaust Water Seal Valve with Cork Beer Wine

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Airlocks Double Bubble Twin Air lock For Beer Wine Fementation New
Material: Plastic
Color: Transparent
S-Shape Air Lock Twin Bubble Grommet Homebrew Beer Fermentation Wine Making
Application:Pure juice fermentation, such as white wine fermentation, red wine secondary fermentation,preventing back-flush into the fermentation chamber during ambient temperature changes in the room.This style airlock is typically used on fermenters up to 20 Gallon.
Usage:Fill water into the exhaust valve, insert to the cover of the brew barrel or rubber plug on the top of the fermentation container, cover with the lid.
Function:Isolate the air from the wine/beer, discharge CO2, prevent flies flying into the wine/beer
After sterilized adding water to the exhaust valve .
After both sides of the exhaust valve's water in the parallel state, gently insert the brewing bucket lid.
When wine was ferment generated bubbles, through the exhaust valve discharged to buckets outside ,
All the fermentation process is in normal temperature, automatic fermentation , exhaust, without manual control.
Can be used for home-brewed beer, wine, cider and other uses.
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Quantity: 2Pcs