Acacia Wooden Small Serving Tray,Rectangle Wooden Tea Tray Table Plate Snacks

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Acacia Wooden Tray Dinner Plate Food Dessert Tea Plate 

A group of people warm heart of the Acacia wooden tray series, feel quite delicate and comfortable selection of the best Acacia wood raw materials, made by artificial polished, work is very sophisticated on the plate with food grade natural plant paint, so that more than a meal Safe and healthy protection of a variety of options available, do coasters, pot pads, mats have their own suitable style, wide range of uses.



·Made of Acacia wood .The surface is hand polished to make the surface smoother.

·Contracted and practical: As a snack plate, bowl storage, tea set storage, etc.

·Variety of uses,  meet different needs and preferences.


L30cm*W11.8cm*Thickness 1.4cm



1.Due to the product is measured manually, there may be an error about the size,thanks for your kindly understanding.

2.Wood production, there may be different wood grain, color difference, wood knot, etc. is a normal phenomenon, can not be avoided. Thanks for your kindly understanding.

Attention :

1.·For better preservation, try to avoid the sun exposure and put it in the water for a long time.

2.Dry with a soft cloth after rinsing. Do not use steel wire ball and other hard objects to clean.