16Pcs Cappuccino Coffee Stencils Measure Spoon Chocolate Shaker Duster

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16Pcs Cappuccino Coffee Stencils Measure Spoon 


Duster Size: App 7.8cm(L) x 5.8cm(D)
Spoon Length: App 20.8cm
Stencils Size: App 13 x 8.3cm
Gross Weight: About 98g
Duster Material: Stainless Steel
Stencils Material: Plastic

How To Make Fancy Coffee:
Preparation: Cocoa Powder, Chocolate Shaker Duster, a cup of cappuccino
2. Cappuccino: Espresso + Frothed Milk
3. Choose the mold, choose your favorite pattern on the cup.
4. Spray pattern, put the cocoa powder or cinnamon powder into Chocolate Shaker Duster, shake well and gently spray into the mould.
5. A pretty fancy coffee is completed.


1 x Chocolate Shaker Duster
16 x Cappuccino Coffee Barista Stencils
1 x Measure Spoon