French Fries Potatoes Maker slicers Container 2-in-1 No Deep-Fry

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Copper Fries Potatoes Maker slicers French Fries Maker Jiffy Fries Cutter Machine & Microwave Container 2-in-1 No Deep-Fry

Product description

➚Cooking Made Easier

French fries maker makes cooking a lot easier. Designed to easily make delicious & fresh French frie, this is the perfect kitchen accessory for people who love to make French fries.


➚The easy-to-use

Two part operation gets your potato chips in great, uniform shape and frees up a lot of time that you otherwise use to focus on other core activities in your cooking. ➚Offering a different experience from what you’ll get with most typical potato chippers,french fries maker and Cutter is a great way to bring convenience to your everyday kitchen time. 


➚Easy Operation french fries maker works in an easy way. 

Simply place the full potato that you’re looking to frise on the lower compartments, and then use the top housing to press down. As the top housing moves down under the pressure of your hand, the potato is nicely sliced into lovely pieces that will make microwave French fries. This accessory is optimized to fit well with most potatoes regardless of their size. More so, it doesn’t require considerable pressure to fries,and then pop in microwave in just minutes, the delicious fresh crisp fries is done. thus can be used effectively by everyone, including kids.


➚Dishwasher Safe and durable construction.

Dishwasher Safe The french fries maker’s convenience doesn’t stop with its ease of operation. This product is also dishwasher safe, so you have an easy run cleaning it. All the three units that make up this product get sparkling clean when washed, no sticky pieces and clogs. 


➚Safe Material&.Dishwasher Safe

Made of food-safe material without BPA, safe and non-toxic..Material also can be used for microwave oven.