Japanese Ceremony Bamboo Matcha Practical Powder Whisk 80 100 Coffee Green Tea

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Matcha Whisk Practical Japanese Ceremony Bamboo Chasen Tea Powder Whisk Green Tea


Tea culture is a very noble culture, tea as taste of life, the taste of life and normal.

The Siluo out fine sieve into a bowl of tea powder,

injection with boiling water, while stirring rapidly with tea bamboo brush for utensils hitting tea, make foam, foam floating on

the soup.With fresh white tea color, and tea foam to keep long residence time as tea superb technical standards.


Material: bamboo

Size: 10cmx5.5cmx2.5cm


Production process of fine tea bamboo brush for utensils, 

handmade in the "waist" process were seriously low fire roasting process,

and strengthening the resilience of tea bamboo brush for utensils spike bamboo brush for utensils,

greatly improving the service life.

After tea bamboo brush for utensils touched water, 

outer ear and the inner ear become soft curved part straight, 

this is a normal phenomenon, all tea bamboo brush for utensils are the same, please pay attention.


Package:1 x Matcha Whisk