Resin Mortar Pestle Set Guacamole Herbs Spice Grinder Bowl

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Name:Mortar Pestle Set Restaurant Grinder Bowl For Guacamole Herbs Spice Grinding
Model: SKU803522
Material: Resin
Colors: Wood, Wood Grain, Granite Grain, White
Bowl Size: (Dia.)X(H) 11X10cm /4.33''X3.94''(appr.)
Pestle Size: (L)X(W) 17X4.5cm /6.69''X1.77''(appr.)

- Brand New and high quality.
- Light weight, easy to carry, different color available.
- Made of resin material, easy cleaning strong and durable. 
- Storage container with enough space for grinding, meet your needs. 
- Suitable for grinding spices, herbs, -tough foods, grains, teas, garlics,and gingers. 
- The grinder is not limited to just food it is also usable for supplements and pills.

Package included: 

1 Pcs Mortar + 1 Pcs Pestle