Scoop Colander Nylon Spoon Strainers 8 Colors Non-toxic Durable Nylon Drain

  • $11.20

 Scoop Colander Nylon Spoon Strainers 8  Colors Non-toxic Durable Nylon Drain

Item weight: about 60 g
Size: about 34.2*12.5*6.2CM
1. Scoop and drain directly from pan.
2. Easy to washing and clean.
3. Ideal for straining pasta vegetables and fried food.
4. Light and practical.
5. Dishwasher safe.
6. Scoop and drain food straight from the oven or out of the pan; suitable for deep fring .
7. Made from toughened nylon.
Package Includes:
1 piece * Large Scoop Colander