1000ml/1500ml Stainless Steel Durable Teapot Coffee Tea Sliver Cold Water Pot Kettle with Strainer Home Kitchenware Tools

  • $23.20


  • Name: stainless steel teapot

  • Material: Stainless steel 

  • Capacity: 1L 1.5L


  • 1.0L Height: 16CM; Maximum diameter: 12.5CM; Bottom diameter: 8CM

  • 1.5L Height: 18CM; Maximum diameter: 13.5CM; Bottom diameter: 8CM


  1. Imported stainless steel bright as a mirror

  2. Stainless steel screw lock hook cover, olive-shaped tea cover, anti-hot out of the stomata

  3. Fine hole tea filter

  4. Antiseptic treatment

  5. Hukou stainless steel filter to block scale and