6pcs Natural Whisky Stones Set Sipping Ice Cube Rock Cooler

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6pcs Natural Whiskey Stones Set Sipping Ice Cube Whisky Stone Whisky Rock Cooler

Whisky Stone


Eliminates the ice that melts in your drink

Really cool to use and make a fantastic gift!

Has no flavor or odor that would effect your drink like normal ice

Rounded edges prevent scratching to your favorite glass

Completely washable and reusable

As stones are all natural, so there might be some color difference/pattern difference.



Material: natural stone

Color: black, dark gray, light gray, white and beige, red(the new arrival), colors such named just to distinguish different colors of stones.


Item size: about 2*2*2cm/ 0.78*0.78*0.78in (+-2mm tolerance as cut by hand), the dark/light gray ones are smaller: about 1.8*1.8*1.8cm/0.71*0.71*0.71in (+-2mm tolerance)

Item weight: about 18-22g per stone



Material: natural stone
Size: about 2*2*2cm/0.79*0.79*0.79"
Product weight: About 18-22 grams per stone

Color:Yellow,Red,Deep Gray



Clean the stones, stock them in your freezer for 4 hours above, serve 3 stones to your drink (liquid height no more than 1 stone height, normally 3stones only serve 60ml/2 fl oz liquid), stay for a while and enjoy your cooling drink! 

Whisky Stone

6 X  Whisky Stone